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Pure, Premium and Modern Design

Creating the best synthetic cork closures on the market today is a complex undertaking involving engineering and manufacturing processes specifically tailored to the highest standards demanded by winemakers. Just as quality wine generally begins with selecting quality fruit, synthetic cork quality begins with selecting the purest medical grade raw materials: this is what distinguishes our Tasz line of products from those of competitors.
  • Diameter 22.15mm ± 0.25
  • Length 37.0mm ± 0.25
  • Weight 3.80g/closure
  • Foam Density 0.240g/cm3 ± 0.015
  • Extraction Force 250.0 Newtons
  • OTR 0.009cc/day
Wine preservation up to 24 months
  • Diameter 22.15mm ± 0.25
  • Length 37.0/43.0mm ± 0.25
  • Weight 4.29/4.98g/closure
  • Foam Density 0.275g/cm3 ± 0.005
  • Extraction Force 215.0/250.0 Newtons
  • OTR 0.005cc/day
Wine preservation up to 48 months
  • Diameter 22.15mm ± 0.25
  • Length 43.0/47.0mm ± 0.25
  • Weight 5.38/6.13g/closure
  • Foam Density 0.300g/cm3 ± 0.004
  • Extraction Force 263.0/300.0 Newtons
  • OTR 0.002cc/day
Wine preservation up to 72 months

Proprietary Co-extursion Technology

Simultaneously extruded pure polyethylene plus foam core and melted skin material, cut to exact lengths with a precision cut blade.

Bottling Performance

Increases speed and efficiency of the bottling process while eliminating delays while reducing wear on cork machines.

True Lot Trace-ability

Our trace-ability identifier is the backbone of tracking the entire process through production, QA, packaging and shipping.

Consumer Acceptance

Used in almost all wine consuming countries. U.S. producers embrace the use of our cork and more "traditional" European markets accept our quality and durable closures.

Power Packed Features
Pure and Premium Cork


Core Features

Easy-to-customize and fully feature your brand

All of Tasz, Inc's cork products are manufactured using the most stringent Quality Implemented Standards.

  • Proprietary Co-extrusion Technology
  • Proprietary Ingredients
  • Bottling Performance
  • Maximum Compactness
  • Consistent Insertion Depths
  • Dust-free
  • Seals Securely
  • Vacuum Levels Maintained
  • True Lot Traceability
  • Global consumer acceptance

Our Options Here’s the best part of our impressive options

Generic Designs

Grape leaf, Grape vine, Cork screw, Traube, Ornate and Enogrape designs.


Available colors include black, orange, white and gray; however, additional colors are available on request.


Custom brand designs are also available.


Choose from classic cork natural color or imitation wood.

What you get with Tasz.

Proprietary Ingredients

Pure polyethylene plus skin and foam core.

Different Cork Versions

Various versions have evolved over the years.

Various Generic Prints

Corks come in a variety of generic print designs.

Fully Customizable

Personalize with your brand name and logo.

4+ Color Choices

These colors don't grow on trees.

Natural Look

Simulate real cork with a natural cork color or imitation wood grain.

Development and Testing

Highest Quality Implemented Standards

Why Choose Us?

Neat & Pure

Our proprietary food grade materials ensure the purest cork possible.

Easy to use

Dust free, maximum compact design for ease of insertion and reinsertion that seals securely.

Quality Standards

Take comfort in knowing our corks are manufactured with the most stringent quality implemented standards.

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About Tasz, Inc.

TASZ core values is to deliver an exceptional experience for its customers. TASZ has been dedicated to the development of technically superior synthetic wine closures ever since. We owe a sincere thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

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